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Class Schedule

RSVP Mandatory during weekdays - NO EXCEPTIONS! There is a 2 hour 'lock-in' so if the class is at 4:30, your RSVP has to be in by 2:30 that day. IF you RSVP and don't show, 3 strike rule.  

IF you DON'T RSVP, and show, there is a chance no one will be here! If you RSVP to come, and then cancel at 2:29, that's fine, but at 2:30, the site will lock the class in as it stands.


Apr 19,2019
4:00pm4:00 PM Friday ClassNick '


Apr 22,2019
4:30pm4:30 PM Monday ClassNick '


Apr 23,2019
4:30pm4:30 PM Tuesday ClassNick '


Apr 25,2019
4:30pm4:30 PM Thursday ClassNick '
548 S. Gladstone Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23452 (view larger map)