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Thursday, Sep 21, 2017

Nick '
Same set up as the last few weeks just some different movements.  

Make sure to keep those 20 min intervals at a steady, conversational pace and ramp it up during the 5 and 10 min efforts.  

Also note you're doing either the tire drag or sandbag jog, you can alternate between the two but are not doing them back to back.


DC 19


1) 20 minutes at an 4 of 10 pace…
200m Run
20x  Loaded Step-ups (chain)
6x Body Weight Get Ups

2) Minute 20-25 at a 7/10
5x Ball Slams
5x DB Thrusters - 35/30/25/15
20x Flutter Kicks

3) 20 minutes at an 4 of 10 pace…
200m Tire Drag 25/15# or
200m Run w/Sandbag
400m Run
20x Jumping Jacks

4) Minute 45-55 at a 7/10
4x e/s DB Snatch (use same DB load as above)
3x e/s Lunges
2x e/s Jumping Lunges
Rest 30 sec.

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