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Thursday Oct 12,2017

Nick '   
This session is pretty chill to start, it almost seems boring until you get to Part 3 and your legs fall off.

You have plenty of time to get your reps in on Part 1 and 2. If you start to get shaky just rack the barbell take about 5 breaths and squeeze out another couple of reps. Either way we want our 30 reps so even if you need to add rounds at the end to get those reps thats fine as long as I get my 30.

Jump Lunges suck. Get over it and go to work. We want you working for the entire 30 seconds on this effort. If you are struggling loaded, or even begin to signifigantly slow down drop the weight and move to unloaded. When those slow down move to static and when those slow down lunge backwards. Moral to the story is ABL= Always Be Lunging.  

P.S. the core is really hard too. Don't be surprised if you get a little nauseous.  

Enjoy the work,

RA 07

Warmup: 3 Rounds

5x Bench Press- 45/55/65%
5x Dumbbell Military Presses
5x Weighted Lunges e/s
5x Lunge Hinge e/s
1) 6 Rounds

5x Bench Press - 75% of N1RM Every
5x Hanging Shrugs
Every 2:30
Max Reps Last Round - 3 Short of Failure
2) 6 Rounds

5x Military Press - 75% of N1RM
5x Shoulder Jacknives e/s
Every 2:30
Max Reps Last Round - 3 Short of Failure
3) 10 Rounds - EMOM

30 Sec Lunges*
30 Sec Rest
Order of Difficulty

Loaded Jump Lunge
Unloaded Jump Lunge
Backwards Lunge
4) 4 Rounds

25 Sec Sit Ups
25 Sec Seated Russian Twists
25 Sec Hello Dolly
25 Sec Rest

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